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outdoor multi activity days

Hovercraft driving experience

Hovercraft experience, firstly you will be briefed by experienced instructors on how to operate the hovercraft.

We have a pre set course designed to challenge man and machine, you will have practice sessions on the hovercraft experience then onto competitions with your mates.

Hovercrafting – how does it work?

Flying a hovercraft is one of the most thrilling motorised activities you can do. Floating on a cushion of air with no brakes. Wow how does that work?

When the hovercraft is up on air it flies, once you come off the air the hovercraft drops on to its hull and this works as it’s breaking mechanism. Flying a hovercraft is all about technique, you have to control your speed and steering and there is also a need to lean when you corner (full instructions on how to fly the hovercraft experience will be explained in the safety briefing).

The hovercraft experience is probably the most challenging vehicle you will attempt to fly, no brakes with top speeds of up to 70mph.

Our hovercrafts have a Rotax 477 microlite engine, two stroke and rev’s around 10,000 rpm.

Our purpose made course for your hovercraft experience is full of twists and turns, fast straights and is very challenging. This will be a hovercraft experience you won’t forget.

Hovercraft racing experience

Firstly your group will gather round the hovercraft for your hovercraft experience safety briefing, all the controls will be explained. Flying the hovercraft is the most adrenalin packed experience you can have. You will need to use your body on the hovercraft experience to lean and steer the craft, it’s all about technique as to how well you fly the hovercraft, and don’t forget all your friends will be watching, this is one for the memories.

The hovercraft racing experience makes a great addition to any stag party, hen do, corporate day, birthday party celebration or friends get together.

Enquire about the hovercraft experience now.

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