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Powerturn Wheelie Karts

Motorised mayhem at its most hilarious! Capable of spinning 360° on its own axis, the Powerturns are one or two man, two-wheel drive buggies powered by twin engines and steered by varying the throttle or brake on either of the engines. They can power slide round corners, will do doughnuts and wheelies and are therefore great value in the chuckle stakes for those spectating. This activity provides great fun whilst also encouraging team building in the way of effective communication and cooperation of each of the drivers.
Dual drive or solo drive, blindfold the driver with the passenger shouting commands, this activity is like no other motorised buggy you will ever drive. A must for all petrol heads and adrenalin junkies with guaranteed fun.

Powered by 2 x Honda 200cc Engines, no steering wheel or footpedals, two seater and can wheelie, the best fun you can have on wheels. The Powerturn kart is like no other off road kart, you can either drive solo or dual drive, have a joystick each. Then you will try to negotiate our pre set course, slaloming, spinning and wheeling against the clock. Awesome fun guaranteed.

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